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Apr 15

High Point Market Spring 2015

HIGH POINT MARKET is going to Mecca twice yearly for me. The anticipation of finding great new furniture & new accessories to capture my imagination along with exciting new fabrics, rugs and wall treatments is so exciting and intoxicating. My mind races to share these new ideas with my clients old and new.
The anticipation of new products has never been greater than this year. Century Furniture, one of America’s finest manufacturers, a family owned business that has been operating for more than 50 years in Hickory, NC will be introducing an enormous collection of over 120 new designs by the brilliant designer Thomas O’Brien as well as 80+ pieces by other designers. O’Brien transforms traditional designs into a fresh, modern form that makes me want to redo my studio each time I see his latest work. He has a classical approach to today’s life style.
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